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Let’s talk… This blog is about death with dignity, on our own terms. It’s about empowerment and patient centred care in a continuum of choices. The focus of this site will be to create a community for people making end of life choices and their loved ones. It will provide resources, opinion pieces and articles on a wide variety of issues. Everything will be on the table: nothing will be taboo. 

MAiD – Professional Reluctance to Talk



My thoughts in response to this recent news article – this is just a drop in a very deep bucket:

Can Nurse Practitioners mention MAiD to patients?

Once again, we are being forced to look at the continuum of end of life services offered by Palliative Care staff. If all choices were presented and none were specifically recommended, the clinician is simply providing information from which a person can make an informed choice. To do less is unprofessional.

Why Patient Centred Care?


In this new Canadian era of medical assistance in dying, the focus is shifting away from clinician directed services and care to a patient-oriented system – a series of services and programs where the patient becomes an informed decision maker with a support team of professionals to advise and guide them. People needing Palliative Care and MAiD are quickly becoming a large portion of our population. Their health and quality of life are going to consume more and more of the resources available through our health care bureaucracy. The system needs to be prepared to deliver compassionate medical help and support services.